Myles Peck

Director of Business Operations

Myles is committed to achieving Coastal’s business objectives and developing a company culture with both style and integrity. As he explores and assesses new business opportunities, Myles works to ensure that each company decision is responsible, a good fit for the community, and compliant with California’s cannabis regulations. He has been instrumental in laying the foundation of operations for all Coastal entities and oversees the development of new locations. With a background in producing large-scale concerts and events, Myles is comfortable building and fostering relationships with both respected community leaders and strategic partners who share Coastal’s vision and values. In addition to managing the company’s growth, Myles is involved in Coastal’s marketing, branding, and advertising initiatives. His passion for creativity and design was cultivated during his previous work as an executive producer, and Myles enjoys applying this knowledge to the development of Coastal as a premier cannabis brand.

Myles is on the Retail Committee for the National Cannabis Industry Association which focuses on all aspects of operating a storefront in the legal cannabis industry. NCIA is leading the charge to protect legal cannabis businesses, defend state laws, and advance federal policy reforms. As a member of NCIA’s Retail Committee, Myles works to create standardization, best practices and guidelines within the industry. He also focuses on social equity and helping retailers to address the impacts of past cannabis policies.

Myles graduated from UCSB with a BA in Global Studies and was a four-year Division I scholarship athlete. As a member of the community, he is active within UCSB’s Alumni Association and Santa Barbara’s Chamber of Commerce. He lives in Santa Barbara and enjoys all the Central Coast has to offer with his wife, daughter and dog.