Malante Hayworth

Chief Operating Officer

As a co-founder of Coastal, Malante is responsible for building the team that successfully won four licenses—retail storefront, non-storefront retail, manufacturing, and distribution—in the highly competitive and coveted market of Santa Barbara. He directly oversees the operations of the company as they work closely with the city and local partners to open all four operations in spring 2019. He has strategically solidified partnerships with industry- leading individuals and companies to ensure Coastal has the experience and expertise to be a successful organization. As he leads the company to expand their retail operations to additional markets in the region, Malante is quickly becoming a leader in the emerging California cannabis market.

Before entering the cannabis market in early 2018, Malante graduated with a degree in pre-law and business. His entrepreneurial mentality quickly lead him to become a prominent player in the Santa Barbara restaurant industry where he owned, operated and eventually sold a successful restaurant that held licences from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. During his ownership, the restaurant saw over one thousand customers per day, without a single violation from the regulatory agency. Operating a lucrative restaurant allowed him to hone his customer service, teamwork and management skills, which will be a valuable asset to Coastal’s retail operations.

Malante then transitioned into them real estate sector where he has been a licensed realtor 13 years and a licensed broker for six years. Malante’s focus on real estate sales and investing has allowed him to employ hundreds of people in the Santa Barbara community, and his real estate transactions have stimulated the Santa Barbara market. He is a member of the National Association of Realtors and the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. Malante has sold over 150 homes and has generated a personal database of satisfied homeowners and buyers. Currently, Malante has over 60 happy tenants in the Santa Barbara area. He is proud to provide people with a place to live, as he understands that this is a very challenging market for renters.

Malante took his real estate ventures a step further by tackling real estate rehabilitation. Malante has applied his skills in the field to work to revitalize neighborhoods and clean up dilapidated houses that others in his profession would not have even dared to touch. This endeavor has proved a success for himself and his community. Malante has rehabilitated over 50 properties in the Santa Barbara area and has helped maintain the beauty of the city he calls home. Malante’s passion for the area’s natural geography inspired him to be a monthly donator to the Heal the Ocean Foundation in Santa Barbara as well as the Santa Barbara County Park Foundation. He also has helped with these efforts firsthand by participating in beach cleanup days.