kimberly moffatt jones

Advisory Board Chair

Kimberly is a licensed California cannabis business owner and operator. She provides strategic advice to the Coastal organization. Before entering into the cannabis industry, Kimberly was the lead of the training and installation team of a home-health care provider where her role was to develop a clear understanding of the federal and local regulations. Her ability to navigate an industry where the regulations are continuing to evolve has proven a major asset to Coastal’s growth in the California market.

Most importantly, Kimberly has harnessed her energies and passion into being a mother and caring for her first born son, who was diagnosed in 2004 with severe autism and biomedical issues. This is where her true passion remains and where she has seen the direct benefits of cannabis as medicine. Kimberly’s devotion to her son’s needs brought her to one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the realm of autism, Dr. JoQueta Handy. Dr. Handy developed an educational platform for autistic children that was the basis of S.T.A.R.S., the school Kimberly founded for her son and other autistic children in the community. It was through S.T.A.R.S that Kimberly’s foundation “Leap of Faith” was created to subsidize the expenses so that less fortunate children who also suffer from autism could also attend.

Through working with Dr. Handy since her son was diagnosed, Kimberly has seen the positive effects of diet, stem cell treatment and CBD oil as some of the only solutions that seem to truly aid the physical and developmental aspects of autism. One of Kimberly’s many goals is to work with Dr. Handy to find a way to motivate the medical community to recognize the benefits of CBD oil with autistic children as a more holistic form of treatment over Big Pharma.