Julian Michalowski

Chief Executive Officer

Julian entered the cannabis space in early 2018 when the California market opened for legal recreational use under Proposition 64. He saw the emerging industry as an opportunity to build a retail- oriented company that set the standard in quality products, customer service and community engagement. In the past year, Julian has become versed in many aspects of the industry as Coastal moves to open their flagship dispensary as well as a manufacturing, distribution and delivery location in Santa Barbara.

Julian is also a Santa Barbara Real Estate investor and developer. He has been involved in over 200 real estate transactions and prides himself on contracts and negotiation. The first five years of Julian’s career were spent at Sotheby’s International Realty where he developed a real estate sales team. In only 2 years time, his team became one of the top teams at Sotheby’s. In 2015, Julian started Omega Real Estate and Investments, of which he is currently the broker. In 2017, Omega represented over $35,000,000 in sales. As a broker, Julian prides himself in the long-term relationships he holds with his clients. He is savvy with the upcoming trends in the real estate market and is dedicated to producing smooth transactions, which has been a tremendous benefit to Coastal’s growth.

In 2014, Julian helped create West Bluff Capital, Inc in Santa Barbara. West Bluff Capital is a real estate investment company that focuses on Santa Barbara real estate acquisitions, development, and redevelopment. The company has been involved in over 50 projects ranging from $1 million to $100 million. Julian is the Vice President of West Bluff Capital, where he focuses on working with neighbors and government agencies to create win-win situations. Most of the deals Julian gets into are complicated and come with problems, so Julian works with the community to create a positive situation for all. For example, in 2017 West Bluff Capital built a low- income senior housing project on the east side of Santa Barbara to help give back to the community. This project was sitting for five years, unable to be completed, and then West Bluff Capital came in to finish the project. West Bluff Capital employees directly and indirectly dozens of people as well as provides housing to 45 families in Santa Barbara.

Julian’s real estate experience translates perfectly into the California commercial cannabis industry. In an industry so heavily dependent on real estate, be it due to proper zoning or having adequate space for operations, Julian’s expertise in real estate has allowed him to become quickly acquainted with the nuances of legal cannabis businesses. Navigating the regulated cannabis industry requires an appropriate balance of due diligence and risk management. In Santa Barbara especially, Julian’s in- depth knowledge of local properties and ordinances has given him a decisive edge over the competition. With his impressive résumé in real estate as proof of his capabilities, Julian has positioned himself and his group at Coastal to excel in this newly regulated industry.