josh ginsberg

Chief Strategist Officer

Josh Ginsberg, Co-Founder, Partner and Chairman of the Board for the Native Roots Dispensary Group, is a Colorado native and clear leader in the cannabis industry with a demonstrated history of rapid and strategic business growth from seed to sale. A lifelong entrepreneur with a decade of cannabis expertise, Ginsberg notably co-founded and built the Native Roots brand from the ground up to become one of the largest legal marijuana production and distribution companies in the world as well as holding the most government-issued cannabis operator licenses totaling 126. Native Roots also has 1 of the 4 awarded recreational dispensary operator licenses in the entire Province of Manitoba, Canada. This license allows them to open dispensaries across the entire Province. One of the first to enter the cannabis space, Ginsberg holds badge # 00054 out of more than 80,000 issued by the Marijuana Enforcement Division in Colorado.

While CEO of Native Roots, Ginsberg overhauled the company and its strategic direction to create a widely known and renowned cannabis brand. He grew the company from 2 to 20 retail locations with nearly 700 employees. At the same time, Ginsberg oversaw operations of the largest state of the art indoor cultivation facility in existence at 200,000 s.f. With three other facilities, the total of Native Roots growing operations is 240,000 square feet, with an output of over 36,000 lbs. of cannabis per year.

With a fully branded chain of dispensaries, identical from store to store, Native Roots clearly has very little competition in the Colorado marijuana industry. Both recreational and medical, the company offers a complete concierge experience that far surpasses many guest’s expectations the first time they come in. The focus on customer education and a comfortable experience is what Ginsberg and his team built the brand’s reputation on. The refreshing experience, the professionalism, the training, the look and feel of the stores, the enjoyment of the team, the sense of ease a customer is looking for is what makes Native Roots stand above the rest. All reason why the chain of medical and retail dispensaries performs approximately 140,000 transactions a month with a majority being returning customers.

Native Roots has won numerous awards and has been praised for its community contributions and culture of social responsibility:

Denver Post – Top workplaces 2016, 2017, 2018
CannAwards – Best Dispensary in Colorado 2015, 2016
CannAwards – Best Marketing Initiative 2015
Boulder Weekly – Best of Boulder 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Best of Vail 2016
Best of Summit County 2016
Multiple “Best of” cannabis awards spanning across the High Times Cannabis Cup, The Rooster, 710 Cup, and The Cannabis Business awards

Ginsberg was responsible for the team that built and established a complete Marijuana Infused Production facility (MIP) where Native Roots produces all styles of concentrates using every industry approved extraction method. They use butane, ethanol, CO2, propane and cold-water methods of extraction. Native Roots turns out approximately 130,000 grams a month of final product. They are also responsible for producing MarQaha products, Lord Jones edibles and topical creams, Oil Stick vaporizers, and their own in-house line of Pax Era pods. All very recognizable and well-known edible, topical, and vape brands.

Having achieved extraordinary success in the nation’s first regulated cannabis marketplace in Colorado, Ginsberg recently has entered new strategic markets in North America.

Since the passing of Adult-use Cannabis, Ginsberg joined and co-founded The Coastal Holding Company of cannabis brands in undoubtedly the largest cannabis market in the world: California. Ginsberg is utilizing his unparalleled aptitude in operating in compliant, high volume, and large scale cannabis business to revolutionize the newly regulated California industry. There is no one more prepared or more qualified to lead such a market than Ginsberg and his team. By partnering with local entrepreneurs, industry experts, and upstanding members of the community, Ginsberg has helped start a successful business with Coastal in Santa Barbara receiving the highest score and winning 1 of the 3 licenses to dispense cannabis in the city as well as a delivery, distribution, and manufacturing license. He and the Coastal team are poised to continue throughout the state and move forward into the California market.

In the newly federally legal Canadian cannabis market, Ginsberg co-founded, The Higharchy Group. The Higharchy Group is an elite group of individuals with a deep past and understanding of the cannabis industry across retail, manufacturing, and cultivation. They will operate both retail storefronts as well as have a private exclusive agreement with a composed house of industry leading brands. The Higharchy group has over 24 agreements for retail locations on the West Coast of Canada and has plans to open a multi-store retail chain comparative to or larger in size to Ginsberg’s prior achievement as Co-founder & CEO of Native Roots. The goal is for all the stores to be open across British Columbia and Alberta by the end of 2020.

When medical cannabis was passed in Ohio, Ginsberg joined and co-founded, The Cannamed Theraputics company of cannabis brands. With Ginsberg’s past experiences, he helped win licenses throughout the state. His team has won 4 of the 56 dispensary licenses, and is in the application process for 1 of the 40 manufacturing licenses and 1 of the 13 licenses for large scale production. Both of these applications and licenses look very promising.

Deciding to widen his scope of knowledge in this industry, Ginsberg stepped into the world of CBD in 2017 in the same leading fashion as he has done in all his other cannabis ventures. He was a co-founder of XYZ CBD Inc., a lab grade quality, large scale B-to-B production, extraction, and isolation company. He’s also involved with a company that is in the B-to-C business as well as being a hemp and isolate transaction broker.

As a business owner, Ginsberg has encouraged and sponsored his employees to involve themselves in community efforts and contribute to local causes. Ginsberg and his staff members have supported many organization throughout Colorado, including: Rotary and Lions Clubs, Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity and Attentive Homes, Boulder Food Bank, Care & Share Food Bank, Camp Dawn’s Hope, Attention Homes, Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, Wildlands Restoration, Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Guardians of Palmer Park, Sloan’s Lakeshore Cleanup, Bear Valley Improvement Association , Harvey Park Improvement Association, Denver Public Works, Denver Parks & Recreation, and the City of Littleton, the Town of Frisco, and the Town of Avon.

Skilled in Strategic Planning, Business Development, Competitive Market Analysis and Management, Ginsberg holds dual Bachelor degrees focused in Economics and Computer Science from Bucknell University. He participated in J.P. Morgan’s young executive program in New York City before venturing to Boulder, Colorado where he still resides with his wife and two young daughters. His family is now preparing to move to California to pursue his new venture with The Coastal Holding Company group.