Kathleen Hill: Restaurants slowly re-opening under Newsom’s rules

Restaurants re-open? Earlier this month, Dr. Sundari Mase, Sonoma County’s public health officer, allowed some businesses to reopen for curbside delivery. Bay Area media reported that all Bay Area counties were basically closed, except for Sonoma and Napa counties. Read more here: https://www.sonomanews.com/lifestyle/10961828-181/kathleen-hill-restaurants-slowly-re-opening?sba=AAS

What Cannabis Companies Can Learn From Their Colleagues In California

Cannabis businesses are no doubt one of the more resilient industries. They already operate under some of the tightest laws and compliance in their respective states. Right now, that same resiliency is proving itself in the pandemic climate. As the war on the novel coronavirus continues, businesses have adapted in unprecedented ways. Read more here:

Cannabis Professionals Search For Community Opinions on Possible Isla Vista Dispensary

Two cannabis industry professionals discussed the next steps for allowing a recreational cannabis storefront in Isla Vista on Tuesday night, placing emphasis on the need for feedback from students and long-term residents as to what they would like to see out of an I.V. dispensary. Read more: https://dailynexus.com/2020-02-26/cannabis-professionals-search-for-community-opinions-on-possible-isla-vista-dispensary/

New cannabis dispensary opens in downtown Lompoc

A new cannabis dispensary opened up in downtown Lompoc. It’s called Coastal Dispensary and it opened on Feb. 1. This is the sixth retail dispensary in the city. Read more: https://www.ksby.com/news/local-news/new-cannabis-dispensary-opens-in-downtown-lompoc

Marijuana dispensaries thrive in SB as cannabis becomes mainstream

Weed has long been considered an element of the underground counterculture, but in recent years the attitude around marijuana has shifted and given it an air of legitimacy. Read more: https://www.thechannels.org/news/2020/01/27/marijuana-dispensaries-thrive-in-sb-as-cannabis-becomes-mainstream/